As we closely track and embrace the COVID-19 news and recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), we have enacted a series of proactive measures to ensure the health and vitality of Jenny’s Dispensary guests and employees during this time so that we can continue to serve the community in a health conscious manner. To do so, we have committed to the following practices so that everyone will continue to feel safe during their shopping experience.

Proactive Measures

Free Exit Bags

We will no longer charge for exit bags. Effective immediately we will provide a new exit bag with each order free of cost, please keep your old exit bags at home!

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Upon visiting one of our locations, you will notice several hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the dispensary for your use.

Hand Sanitizer for Sale

We have Jenny's Dispensary hand sanitizer that will soon be for sale that is infused with CBD and CBG. Did you know that CBG has antibacterial properties?

Contactless Customer Interactions

During all points of interaction with our team, we are requiring team members to wear gloves to decrease the changes of germ spreading.

Clean Environment

We have increased our cleaning procedures to be more frequent using cleaning solutions recommended by the CDC.

Volume Purchasing Incentives

We will now be increasing our tire purchase discounts. Buy in bulk now and save more while limiting the number of trips you will need to make to the store. Check with your local Jenny's Dispensary for more information.

Cash Cleaning

We all know cash can be dirty, we have purchased a cash ionizing sanitation machines. Soon you will see these machines processing your hard earned cash during check out to remove any germs, viruses or bacteria. You can trust the change you receive will be clean in the same manner.

Online Ordering

We encourage you to visit us online and place orders to expedite your shopping experience with us.

Steps You Can Take

Order Online

We encourage you to visit us online and place orders to expedite your shopping experience with us.

Clean Consumption

Wash and sanitize your hands frequently, especially before removing and handling your cannabis from it's quality controlled packaging. Be sure to clean your paraphernalia frequently (91% rubbing alcohol).

No Sharing

Resist sharing pre-rolls and vape pens