We have a team of cannabis consultants waiting by the phone to help you place your order. Our menu can be viewed prior to placing your order over the phone on our website or Weedmaps.

We anticipate a large volume of delivery orders. Please note at this time we will not charge a delivery fee but that is subject to change. We appreciate and encourage larger volume or bulk orders that reduce the number of deliveries per individual to allow for our team to get more deliveries out to other customers and patients in need.

Please stay tuned to our text service, website and social media for additional updates. This situation is constantly evolving and we are making adjustments as needed to continue to serve you.

Order By Phone

We encourage you to order by phone to get next day delivery.

Clean Consumption

Wash and sanitize your hands frequently, especially before removing and handling your cannabis from it's quality controlled packaging. Be sure to clean your paraphernalia frequently (91% rubbing alcohol).

No Sharing

Resist sharing pre-rolls and vape pens