Sublingual Strips

Sublingual strips – cannabis-infused strips that are absorbed under the tongue – are one of the fastest-growing items in the market. Compared to other products, these strips are discreet, fast-acting, and safer to use than other forms of consumption like inhalation. But how do these strips actually work, and what makes them so popular? Let’s breakdown this exciting new product:

How it works

Sublingual strips work by dissolving into the sublingual membrane. This membrane rests directly beneath the tongue and is highly absorbent, quickly dispersing substances into the bloodstream. This direct route into the bloodstream is more effective because it doesn’t rely on the digestive or respiratory system to introduce these substances to the rest of the body. As a result, the sublingual methods works fast and is much more potent, as it is not processed through the lungs or digestive tract.

Some sublingual products work in just a minute, making them a fast way to experience the effects of cannabis. Additionally, individuals with concerns about inhaling smoke, as well as patients with swallowing issues, can rest assured that sublingual strips are safer and more effective than other forms of cannabis consumption.

Why so popular?

In addition to the fast high and safe consumption methods, people love sublingual strips because they’re discreet. Users appreciate that they don’t have to deal with the smell or smoke associated with other cannabis products. Sublingual consumers also appreciate that each strip has a set dose, so they can better control the high they receive, whereas it is harder to control for that with dabs or inhalation.

Despite existing on the market for only a couple of years, sublingual strips already make up 17% of the CBD market – tied for second place with “confection goods” and catching up quickly to inhalables (22%).

How to use it

Most sublingual strips come with instructions to properly apply, but in general, all strips are applied by placing the strip under the tongue. The strip will adhere to the oral mucosa, the membrane through which CBD will enter the bloodstream. Keep the strip beneath your tongue for 3-5 minutes, unless otherwise specified. Be sure to keep your mouth relatively still – talking or eating could push the strip off, resulting in a weak high!


While sublingual strips are both easy and safe, some users prefer other methods of consumption. Even flavored strips tend to taste weird for users who prefer methods of inhalation. The high associated with sublinguals also tend to last shorter than other edible methods, largely because the entire strip enters your bloodstream right away instead of overtime.

Nonetheless, sublingual strips are a promising addition to the cannabis market, providing quick relief to patients and users. With its fast sales growth in the CBD Market, future sublingual products will likely taste better and last longer, as so much research is being done into this new cannabis alternative.


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