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The Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Las vegas

Here at Jenny’s, our goal is not only to provide patients with the best quality medical marijuana found anywhere on the market but help our patients to better understand our products. That way, when it comes to ordering, they know precisely what it is they’re getting. With this in mind, we take a look at the ten most popular cannabis strains in Las Vegas, describing not only their effect but also their flavor and other qualities. Most Popular Cannabis Strains in Las Vegas Girl Scout Cookies Girl Scout Cookies is fast becoming a favorite across the US thanks to its…...

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Edibles versus Smoking – Which is the Best Method?

Some people prefer to smoke, others prefer to snack. That’s just the way it is. And while nobody from either side can actually make a convincing argument for either cause, the debate rages on. So, let’s compare one with the other; let’s identify the difference in the effects of each method and figure out which one’s right for you. Edibles versus Smoking – Which Method is Best?   Before we begin, let’s get one thing crystal clear: No one method is best, per se. They’re different. It’s like working out: Some people prefer machines, others prefer free-weights. And while there are…...

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